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Statement About Protests, Our District, and Supporting Our Children

Over the last several days we have watched many protests calling for justice following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. We have seen members of communities throughout the nation call for our leaders to address continued racism within our society. We have seen Americans engaged in peacefully protesting for change while others strike back with violence and destruction. As superintendent of the Saugus Union School District, my concerns are centered on our students and how they understand the situation unfolding before them.

Our children are witnessing events that bring many serious issues into question - a pandemic, an economic downturn, and nationwide protests. Our children, and the adults who love them, are wrestling with how to react to these events. While our individual reactions to these events may differ, we must communicate effectively with our children. We must help everyone to understand that injustice, discrimination, racism, and inequity are wrong. We must help our children to understand that they can stand against those things without the use of violence or force. Most importantly we must guide our children to become adults who value others’ differences and who celebrate those differences for what they add to the world we live in.

In partnership with our students’ parents, it is the mission of our school district to educate the youth of our community both academically and socially. It is critical for our schools to foster an environment where equity, diversity, and inclusion are the foundation of the learning environment we create. We must ensure that our curriculum and instruction reflects the ideals of inclusiveness. Whether it is understanding the true challenges faced by indigenous Americans and immigrants, or identifying inequities and racism that can be expressed through some well-known literature, or grappling with historical events and their lasting impact on current society, it is how our schools proceed in addressing these issues that will allow our children to become tolerant and inclusive.

The Saugus Union School District and its governing board are committed to addressing community concerns related to equity and inclusivity. We are committed to ensuring we provide the opportunities for our students to thrive as literate, thoughtful, tolerant, inclusive, problem solving individuals. We will work with community partners to develop greater cultural proficiency within our organization and support us with implementing community conversations to address the important topics of equity and diversity. 

It is critical that our community tackle the issue of equity and that our schools support students in developing their ability to be inclusive, tolerant, and understanding of others. We must establish schools where children learn to engage in positive relationships with others, that they value their similarities with their peers, and they celebrate their differences. 


Colleen Hawkins, Ed.D.

To assist parents in addressing their children about racism, violence, and injustice, we have provided the following resources to support.

Tips for Talking to Your Children About Current Events: 

  • Reassure them that they are safe.
  • Listen with your full attention.
  • Inform through age appropriate conversations.
  • Acknowledge feelings.
  • Watch for signs of distress.
  • Model self-care.