Independent study, whether temporary or long-term, may be just the thing your child needs to be able to progress academically and personally. We’re here to help.

Independent Home Study

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      Short Term Independent Study Contract (ISC)

      ISC Internal Procedures Summary - CDE Guidelines (BP 6158 and AR 6158)

      • California students are entitled to a free and appropriate public education provided by SUSD as long as their address is within the SUSD boundaries or they are here on an approved transfer request.
      • Any student who will miss five to 15 days is eligible for an ISC.
      • The law does not limit the number of ISCs a parent may request; however, if the student has not completed three days of assignments, SUSD may deny them future ISCs.
      • We receive ADA for every completed minimum day of work on an ISC.
      • A request for longer than 15 days is at the teacher’s discretion and must be approved by the director of student services acting as the superintendent’s designee.
      • The student may work on an ISC anywhere in the world and can take school resources with them to work on it.

      Parent Responsibilities

      • Notify the school at least one week in advance or 24 hours in advance for an emergency.
      • Before the absence, complete and sign the ISC contract agreeing to complete all of the work.
      • Pick up the work and any textbooks needed one day prior to the student’s departure.
      • Supervise your child to ensure all of the work is completed before the student’s return to school.
      • Turn in all work to the office within one week of the end of the contract.