We at Saugus Union School District are fully committed to the health of our students. Our health services staff looks after each student’s physical and mental wellbeing while they attend our schools.

Wellness Policy

We are committed to providing a school environment that enhances learning and the development of lifelong wellness practices. The following are some of the ways we aim to accomplish these goals:

  • We comply with federal, state, and local requirements.  
  • We provide and promote nutrition education for all students throughout their coursework and at every grade level.
  • Our school-based activities are consistent with local wellness policy goals.
  • The foods and beverages we make available on campus (including vending, a la carte, student stores, parties, and fundraising) during the school day are consistent with current dietary guidelines.
  • Our school environments are safe, comfortable, and pleasing and allow ample time and space for eating meals.
  • We do not use food and/or physical activity as a reward or punishment.

Administration of Medication

Certain health problems require that students take medication during school hours or have medication available for as needed use. (All medication requires a doctor’s order, even over-the-counter medication.)

Students may not carry medication, so please plan to keep a sufficient supply in the health office at all times.

Immunization Information

We will notify parents of continuing students by mail if your child needs additional immunizations before the new school year. State law requires students to complete all required immunizations before school starts. For the safety and health of all students, we do not permit students who cannot provide proof of required immunizations to attend school or ride the bus on the first day of classes. Please submit immunization updates to the school office.

District Nurses

Melissa Brown, MSN, RN, CSN
District School Nurse - Mountain View
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P: (661) 294-5325
Ext. 25163

Christine Carter, BSN, RN, PHN, CSN
District School Nurse - Tesoro Del Valle
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P: (661) 294-5380
Ext. 80191

Maygan Delanater, MSN, RN, CSN
District School Nurse - West Creek Academy
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P: (661) 294-5385
Ext. 85163

Martha Kelley, BSN, RN, CCM, CSN
District School Nurse - Medi-Cal Program
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P: (661) 294-5309

Jennifer Kendall, BSN, RN, PHN, CSN
District School Nurse - Emblem
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P: (661) 294-5315
Ext. 15192