Saugus is one of four incorporated communities in Santa Clarita, California, a friendly city located in northern Los Angeles County. Our community is very supportive of our schools, where we understand the importance of educating future generations to succeed in an ever-changing, global society.

Bicycle Friendly

Our city is investing in bicycle and pedestrian facilities and programs. By making it easier, safer, and more enjoyable to bicycle and walk as a general means of transportation, the city hopes to alleviate the current traffic congestion and encourage future decreases in motor vehicle use. The initiative also encourages transit use and addresses equestrian needs.

The plan includes the following:

  • Additions and improvements to bikeways, trails, and pedestrian facilities
  • Land uses that promote walking and cycling
  • Ways to improve access to transit
  • Educational and encouragement programs

Hiking Our Open Space

We hope you’ll “take a hike” in our city’s open space. Learn more about where you can enjoy the outdoors in Santa Clarita by visiting the Hike Santa Clarita website.

Arts & Education

In Santa Clarita, we believe it’s important for students to have a myriad of opportunities to participate in and gain exposure to high quality arts experiences. We also strive to increase awareness of the value of the arts in our community. For more information about these programs in Santa Clarita, please read about our arts and education youth programs.

Local Attractions

From golf courses and restaurants to skate parks and special events, Santa Clarita has it all. Whether you’re a resident or visiting for the weekend, take a peek at our city’s Visitors page to find something fun or educational to do.