We hope that the information found on this page assists the Saugus Union School District stakeholders in navigating an extremely fluid and anxious time in our nation’s history. The COVID-19 pandemic is an ever-changing landscape, but by arming ourselves with useful, accurate, and current information we can ensure that we stay healthy and we assist our community in slowing the spread.

Saugus Union School District (SUSD) COVID-19 Containment, Response, and Control Plan

Saugus Union School District (SUSD) continues to follow the protocols outlined by the California Department of Public Health (CADPH) and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LADPH) for K–12 schools. The information below should assist families in understanding the measures that SUSD will continue to use to ensure the health and safety of its students and staff, as well as its community members. To access the full orders, please visit the CADPH website or review the LADPH reopening protocols document (T1).

COVID-19 Compliance Task Force

Each site has a designated COVID-19 Compliance Task Force. The team is composed of the site administrator(s), the office manager, the health care assistant, the head custodian, the designated contact tracer, the district nurse, the superintendent, the assistant superintendent of student services, the assistant superintendent of human resources, and the coordinator of human resources and risk management. The team shall:

  • Monitor illness trends of student and staff absences and respond, as outlined below. 
  • Collaborate with LACDPH regarding contact tracing and any other mitigation or containment procedure as directed.
  • Communicate with staff and student’s families as to COVID-19 exposure and surveillance test results.
  • Provide support to the student and family regarding concerns arising from COVID-19 diagnosis or exposure.
  • Assure confidentiality of all medical information of student and staff members.
  • Notify close contacts of students or staff with COVID-19 exposure while maintaining confidentiality.
  • Manage school dismissal if necessary and notification of school community in conjunction with district personnel.
  • Ensure all areas utilized by ill students or staff are clean and disinfected. 
  • Stay up-to-date as to new COVID-19 mandates and inform and educate staff as necessary.

School Posting Requirements

Saugus Union School District schools shall post and/or make available the following in the school office:

Practices and Protocols

The governing board and SUSD leadership recognize that masking during the school day is a polarizing topic that concerns many families within our community. The following is provided to clarify SUSD's masking practices that are a requirement by the various health agencies: 

  • It is highly recommended that K-12 students and staff wear highly-protective face masks when indoors with others.
  • Employees who have either tested positive with COVID-19 or have an exposure to COVID-19 must wear a highly-protective mask for 10 days, per LACDPH updates.
  • Currently, masking is highly recommended by LADPH when indoors in any public setting including K-12 schools. We must adhere to current masking mandates and health protocols as presented by the CADPH and LADPH. We will continue monitoring the changes made to these protocols and update our practices accordingly. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your site principal and they will support you appropriately.

SUSD protocols for School Year 2021–2022 (as of August 10, 2021, and until altered by CADPH and/or LADPH).

  • Masking and/or Face Covering 
    • It is highly recommended that K-12 students and staff wear face masks when indoors with others.
    • Saugus Union School District continues to provide surgical-grade masks to students and staff who choose to continue to wear a mask.
    • Employees who have either tested positive with COVID-19 or have an exposure to COVID-19 must wear a highly-protective mask for 10 days, per LACDPH updates.
    • Well-fitting respirator masks are available to staff (KN95 and N95).
  • Social Distancing 
    • Indoors 
      • Student desks will be a minimum of three feet apart and facing the same direction; no plexiglass dividers unless students are closer than three feet and/or facing each other. 
      • When in smaller instructional groups, students may sit closer than three feet, but barriers and/or stable seating charts will be used. 
    • Outdoors 
      • When eating lunch, students will be seated in stable groups with seating charts and socially distant (as much as is allowable for each site); all facing the same direction. 
      • Students will maintain social distance during structured play activities (i.e., butterfly arms.)
      • Students will play in stable classroom-level groups at structured activity zones. Play structures will be included in play zones daily. 
      • Classes may engage in instructional activities outside without masking throughout the day, weather permitting, while adhering to social distancing protocols.
    • Regular Hand Washing & Sanitizing 
      • Classes will continue to engage in routine handwashing and/or sanitizing throughout the day. This includes before & after lunch and/or snacks, when using shared tools (i.e., balls, jump ropes, play equipment, etc.)
    • Remain Home if Ill or Showing Symptoms of Illness 
      • Students and staff should remain at home if they fell ill or if they are having symptoms of COVID-19 or other illnesses.
      • Students and staff will complete the symptoms check form daily through Parent Square before arriving on campus. 
    • Stable Groups
      • We may consider grade levels as the stable group for SUSD.
      • Seating charts and group lists may be used to assist with contact tracing should a student or staff member become ill or be suspected of being exposed to COVID-19 
    • Miscellaneous Items
      • Students may bring backpacks to school. These will be stored outside of the classroom to ensure that tripping hazards are avoided. Personal items that may be needed while in the classroom should be removed and stored at the student's desk. 
      • Water bottles are allowed on campus and in class. These should be labeled with the child's name to avoid confusion if left unattended. Classroom teachers will determine storage during class as to not incur any cross-contamination. 
      • Snacks may be brought to campus daily. Students who bring a snack will eat it in their assigned area for recess.

Investigating and Responding to COVID-19 Cases

The Screening and Exposure Decision Pathways for Symptomatic Persons and Contacts of a Potentially Infected Persons at Educational Institutions from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health are followed.

The COVID Compliance Task Force shall respond to possible COVID cases, potential clusters, contact tracing, and exposure. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health TK-12 Exposure Management Plan is followed.

Contact Information for Symptomatic Students or Students that May Have Been Exposed to COVID-19

If a parent/guardian feels that their child is showing symptoms of COVID-19 or has been exposed to COVID-19, they should contact their pediatrician for direction and appropriate medical attention.
Additionally, they should report the potential exposure to school office personnel. Further information is provided in LACDPH’s COVID-19 Exposure Management Plan Guidance in TK-12 Schools (T2). The student must remain home if they are showing symptoms or there is known exposure. The parent/guardian must contact the school office staff to determine the best process for addressing the need to attend school. School health office staff, office staff, or administration will assist parents in ensuring that individual students receive the appropriate instructional support until they are able to safely return to school.

If a negative COVID-19 test is required to return to school, the parent or guardian must email or bring to the school office a copy of the test results prior to the student’s return. 

Any student or staff member who becomes ill at school or office with COVID-19 symptoms must be separated from others immediately.

  • Student: Students will continue to mask and will be escorted to the isolation area. Students will be supervised until picked up by parent/guardian or an emergency contact provided by parent/guardian. Students will not be left unattended in the isolation area. Parents/guardians should take the student to get a viral COVID-19 test immediately and should consider seeking medical advice from their health care provider. The parent/guardian will need to provide the school office with the test results.
  • Staff: An ill staff member will leave work immediately. Staff members should get a viral COVID-19 test immediately and notify the school administrator when test results are known. 

Parents may find additional information regarding testing by going to COVID-19 Testing Sites. Please remember that students who have a fever or have had a fever of 100 degrees must stay home until they are fever-free (without the use of medication) for 72 hours. It is critical that students not attend school if they are ill in any way.

Containment of Infection Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

  • Student: When a school is notified that a student who was physically on campus is confirmed to have COVID-19, the COVID Compliance Task Force shall be notified. The team shall attain a record of the positive viral COVID-19 test. In addition, those in close contact with the student will be notified of the potential exposure by the school administration and instructed on the current LACDPH protocol and decision pathways related to exposure. 
  • Staff: When a site is notified that a staff member is confirmed to have COVID-19, the COVID Compliance Task Force shall be notified. The team shall attain a record of the positive viral COVID-19 test. In addition, those in close contact with the staff member will be notified of the exposure by the site administrator and instructed on the current LACDPH protocol related to exposure. 
  • Three Cases Within 14 Days: In addition to implementing the above measures, the district nurses will report the potential cluster (three cases within 14 days that are epidemiologically linked) to the LACDPH. Household contacts will be grouped as a single case. Cases that have close contact outside of the school setting will be grouped as a single case. The Compliance Task Force will investigate and determine possible workplace-related factors that contributed to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Task Force will also review COVID-19 policies, procedures, and controls, and implement changes as needed to prevent further spread.

Exposure Management Plan

The COVID-19 Compliance Task Force has put in place protocols to initiate an exposure management plan consistent with LACDPH guidance that outlines procedures for:

  • Isolation of cases
  • Identification of persons exposed to cases at school
  • Assurance of access to testing
  • Notification of LACDPH of all confirmed cases of COVID-19
  • A plan to immediately report a cluster of cases (three or more cases within 14 days) to the Department of Public Health. Said notification shall be made by the district nurse. 
  • Quarantine of exposed unvaccinated employees and/or students
  • Plan for Transition Between Instructional Models: In the event that there is a report of possible COVID-19 spread within a school and the LACDPH recommends long-term or short-term suspension of in-person instruction, the decision shall be made by the board of trustees. The district will use ParentSquare to communicate with families and staff regarding any school closure. 
  • The masking of employees for 10 days who have either tested positive with COVID-19 or have an exposure to COVID-19. Employees must wear a highly-protective mask.

The details of the Plan are located within the text of this SUSD COVID-19 containment, response, and control plan.

Testing of School Workers

      The District complies with the Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Prevention Emergency Temporary Standards (Cal/OSHA ETS) which require employers to offer testing at no cost to employees during paid time for:

      • Symptomatic unvaccinated employees, regardless of whether there is a known exposure. 
      • Unvaccinated employees after an exposure. 
      • Vaccinated employees after exposure if they develop symptoms.
      • Unvaccinated employees in an outbreak (three or more employee cases).
      • All employees in a major outbreak (20 or more employee cases). 

      Options for COVID-19 Testing and Treatment in the Santa Clarita Valley

      If you are having symptoms of COVID-19 or feel you have been exposed to the virus, you should contact your regular medical professional about testing and treatment. Please visit the City of Santa Clarita Emergency Updates for SCV area testing. 

      Operations Written Report

      We invite you to take a moment and read through our COVID-19 operations written report for June 2020. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you! 

      Last updated on June 29, 2022.