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Junior Toastmasters Competition

The Saugus Union School District Annual Junior Toastmasters’ Speech Contest provides opportunities for representatives from each school site to present their award-winning speeches to a district panel of judges.  

Students in Grades 3-6 compete at their school site throughout the year and then select a site winner for each category.  The district competition is a showcase for these speeches and exemplifies the best in research, thinking and organizational skills.  These students truly understand the importance of the audience and how to effectively deliver a speech complete with eye contact, diction and timing.  

  • Third and Fourth graders present informative speeches and must tell interesting facts in an appealing manner and should tell the audience something they may not have known before.  
  •  Fifth graders present opinion speeches and Sixth graders present argumentative speeches using facts and evidence to sway audience beliefs and may refer to testimony, opinions and views of known authorities.  The winners of the District competition will present their speeches at the District Awards Evening in  May.

Junior Toastmasters Guide (Revised 3-1-17)