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Independent Home Study Program (IHS)

Saugus Union School District offers parents the opportunity to educate their children in their home environment through the Independent Home Study Program, an alternative public school option for parents of children in Kindergarten through sixth grade.

Parents who would like to choose this option for their children's education must meet the enrollment criteria.  The determination is based on an individual interview.

The Basics
Parents are provided the textbooks, workbooks, supplementary materials and teacher guides for each subject as required by the California Department of Education. Curriculum for language arts (reading, spelling, writing, grammar, and oral language skills); math, social studies (history, geography, government, science); physical education, music and art is provided to the parents at no cost. Parents sign a contract outlining responsibilities of school and home, and are expected to provide a quality learning environment.

IHS Provides:
  • Professional guidance
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Grade level assignments
  • Personal focus
  • Parental input
  • Extracurricular activities
Parent Expectations
  • Set up an appropriate home environment for structure and comfort, to facilitate maximum learning
  • Plan time daily for instruction
  • Keep accurate records for attendance and grades
  • Utilize materials and online support
  • Attend weekly appointment in the IHS office
  • Foster independence in child’s learning
You can provide education for your child in the home environment and we can help!         IHS Flyer

 For additional IHS Information- click here
Contact the IHS office at Mountainview Elementary School, Mary Beth Lewison,Teacher, 661-294-5327 or by email.