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Surplus Property "7-11" Committee

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Before a school district can sell or lease real property, the Education Code requires that a specific process be followed. The first step requires that the governing board of the school district, prior to the sale, lease, or rental exceeding 30 days, appoint a district advisory committee (commonly known and referred to from this point forward as the “7-11” Committee) to advise the governing board regarding the surplus of space and/or real property. The responsibilities of the “7-11” Committee are also specified within the Education Code and, at the conclusion of its work, the Committee is required to provide the district governing board a report recommending uses of surplus space and real property. The governing board, taking into consideration the “7-11” Committee’s recommendations, which are advisory and nonbinding, determines whether it will declare some or all of the properties surplus and announce its intent to sell or lease the properties in question.


On October 17, 2017, the Saugus Union School District’s Governing Board appointed nine members to its Surplus Property “7-11” Advisory Committee, and tasked it with the review of one vacant property or raw land. The “7-11” Committee held four public meetings to gather information on the property and other relevant District data (e.g., facilities capacity, demographic information, etc.). All meetings were open to the public, noticed at least 72 hours in advance, and held in accordance with the Brown Act.


The Surplus Property “7-11” Advisory Committee is now recommending to the Saugus Union School District Governing Board that the Bouquet Canyon property be deemed surplus to the educational needs of the District. The Committee also recommends that the District pursue redrawing the property lines at James Foster Elementary School to carve out the portion of vacant land that is not usable by the District. The Committee recommends that the District also deem this parcel of land surplus to the educational needs of the District. 

The report posted HERE includes all agendas and approve meeting minutes.