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District Staff

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Colleen Hawkins, Ed. D. Superintendent 
 Pam Dall Executive Secretary, Superintendent's Office
 Lee Morrell Public Information Officer
 Dodie Maggio Receptionist
 Education Services  
 Isa De Armas, Ed.D. Assistant Superintendent, Education Services
 Renee Trock Confidential Administrative Assistant, Education Services
 Suzanne Guinn Student Database Technician
 Mia Standley Ed. Tech TOSA
Ed. Tech TOSA
 Christina Marinelli ELD TOSA
 Samantha Ford Physical Education TOSA
 Cate Muro Arts TOSA
 Melissa Valencia Arts TOSA
Curriculum & Instruction
 Marine Avagyan, Ed.D.
Director, Curriculum & Instruction
 Perla Castro
District Spanish Translator/Interpreter
 Eva Rodriguez
District Administrative Clerk
 Aida Rodriguez Parent Community Liaison
 Child Development Programs
 Rose Villanueva, Ed.D  Coordinator, Child Development Programs
 Valerie McGill  Secretary
 Information Services
 Michael Leathers  Director, Educational Technology & Information Services
Casey Stevens  Senior Technology Systems Engineer
 Mike Tweed  Information Services Systems Technician
 Jeff Taylor  Information Systems Support Technician
 Antonio Arana  Information Systems Support Technician
 Student Services  
 Diane D'Elia
 Director, Student Support Services
 Erica Henson  Coordinator
 Kelly Belfi  Program Specialist
 Darcie Quinn  Program Specialist
 Toni Tellez  Early Start/Program Specialist
 Shellie Gibson  Secretary
 Elizabeth Krueger
 Administrative Clerk/Transfers
 Wendi Yamabe  Medi-Cal Technician
 Patricia Willsey  SST Spanish Translator/Interpreter
 Lauren Frey Homeless/Foster Youth Liaison
 Human Resources
 Jennifer Stevenson, Ed.D.
 Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
 Pete Bland
 Director, Personnel
 Luz Blanco  Confidential Administrative Assistant
 Danielle Collins  Classified Technician
 Pamela Heaton
 Classified Technician (CDP)
 Tara Petro
 Certificated Technician
 Araceli Martinez  Substitute Teacher Coordinator
 Laura Kumazawa  Substitute Employee Coordinator
 Safety, Risk Management & Benefits
 Keith Karzin  Director, Safety & Risk Management
 Lori Helms  Benefits Technician
 Tonia Erickson  Administrative Clerk / Human Resources Technician
 Business Services  
 Nick Heinlein  Assistant Superintendent of Business 
 Denise Motto  Confidential Administrative Assistant
 Magdy Abdalla  Director, Facilities, Construction and Modernization
 Kathie Pisano  Facilities Administrative Secretary 
 Lori Rubenstein  Director of Project Management
 Dayna Jones  Facilities Accountant II
 Maintenance & Operations
 Barbara Boliver  Manager, Maintenance & Operations
 Peter Gaytan  Custodial Supervisor
 Fiscal Services  
 Roseann Zarasua  Director, Fiscal Services
 Gina Allard  Lead Payroll Accountant
 Calvin Wan  Budget/Program Accountant
 Patricia Lazan  Fiscal Accountant
 Cindi Throckmorton  Payroll Technician
 Kim Vensko  Payroll Technician, Certificated 
 Nicole Leskin  Payroll Technician, Classified
 Amy Mosshammer  Attendance / Planning & Developer Fees
 Engie Monreal  Purchasing, Contracts, Inventory
 Maricela Salinas  Accounts Payable Technician
 Lisa Smith  Accounts Receivable Tech, Child Development  Prog.
 Andrea Mayberry  Accounts Receivable Tech, Child Development  Prog.
 Tammy Pugh
 Tuition Clerk, Child Development Programs
 Karen Carroll  Budget/Program Acct, Child Development Programs

Principals Card IconPrincipalsTop of Page

 Carin Fractor, Ed.D.              Bridgeport Elementary 
 Misty Covington  James Foster Elementary
 Kathleen Demsher  Mountainview Elementary
 Gina Nolte  Rio Vista Elememtary
 Kimberly Humphries  Skyblue Mesa Elementary
 Robin Payre   Cedarcreek Elementary
 Cory Pak  Charles Helmers Elementary
 Victoria Kubisak  North Park Elementary
 Kathy Stendel  Rosedell Elementary
 Paul Martinsen  Tesoro del Valle Elementary
 Jon Baker  Emblem Academy
 Susan Bender  Highlands Elementary
 Mary Mann  Plum Canyon Elementary
 Theophane Korie  Santa Clarita Elementary
 Susan Bett  West Creek Academy